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Verne: The Shape of Fantasy is a pixel art narrative experience based on the life and works of Jules Verne, which merges exploration, puzzles and interactive dialogues with the imagery of one of the most famous science fiction and adventure writers.

Developer: Gametopia (Spain and Colombia).
Publisher: Assemble Entertainment.
Release date: 8.14.2023
Platforms: PC/Mac
Upcoming platforms: Nintendo Switch.
Available in: English, Spanish, German, French, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
Gameplay: As an evolution of the classic point-and-click adventure games, Verne uses a normal WASD controller as well as dynamic conversation options, mixed with old-school mechanics like exploration, puzzles and hidden objects.
Inspiration: Jules Verne, Steampunk, Sci Fi and Atlantis.

A thrilling Story

Become Jules Verne and adventure into the dangers that hide in Hemera, a fantastic parallel world built from his own imagination. Explore, solve puzzles and unlock the most coveted secret of the mighty Atlantis.

In an alternative 1888, the war against the dreadful Nation is devastating the world of Hemera. Aboard the mighty Nautilus, Jules Verne, Captain Nemo and his courageous crew struggle, chased by a relentless enemy, to get hold of a mysterious formidable energy, capable of changing the course of history: the Flame of Hephaestus, source of the power of Atlantis and also, of her fateful destruction.

In his journey, Verne will not only discover wonders and mysteries, but also face a dark and powerful force that is trying to eradicate imagination across Hemera… and inside his own mind.

Main Features

  1. Master your Imagination: Discover and master the “IMAG,” an ancient Atlantean device allowing Verne to rewrite his story and change the fate of the adventure.
  2. We’ve Got Company: Non-linear dialogues create a robust cast of characters in a thrilling story that reflects the human ability to imagine and tell larger-than-life stories.
  3. Unlock Atlantis One Puzzle at a Time: Utilize side-scrolling gameplay inspired by old-school adventure games where solving puzzles and exploring every inch of your surroundings is the key to success.
  4. No Ruin Left Unturned: Journey through a steampunk-esque world brought to life by detailed pixel art, told through a wide range of environments from the Nautilus’s dark corridors to ancient Atlantean ruins.
  5. Historically Accurate: Enjoy an easy-to-follow narrative that leverages true-to-life information about Jules Verne’s life and world-famous works.


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Verne: The Shape of Fantasy | Launch Trailer

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Trailer Developer Commentary Verne: The Shape of Fantasy

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Trailer Gameplay Verne: The Shape of Fantasy
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Assemble Entertainment

Core team

Daniel González
Creative Director/Narrative Designer/Pixel Art

Diego Adrada
CEO/Lead Developer

Aitor Garay
Writer/Concept Artist

Carmen Gómez
Senior developer

Eloi Caballé (Cansons)

Aleix Sans (Cansons)
Sound and voice recording


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