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Verne: the shape of fantasy. Videogame por PC


Based in Madrid, Spain and Bogota, Colombia.

Release date:
Coming out 2020




Verne: the shape of fantasy is a pixel art narrative experience based on the life and works of Jules Verne, which merges exploration, puzzles and interactive dialogues with the imagery of one of the most famous science fiction and adventure writer.

A thrilling Story

Jules Verne has been trapped in parallel world, built from the writer’s own imagination and filled with adventures, dangers and lots of fantasy. Aboard the mythical Nautilus and back to back with captain Nemo and his faithful crew, you will face a merciless enemy who wants to wipe out imagination and creativity from Hemera... and from Verne himself.


  • 2D side-scroll narrative adventure. An unexplored steampunk world, with detailed pixel art, that offers a wide variety of landscapes: explore the dark corridors of the Nautilus, the ancient sunken ruins of Atlantis or the burning heart of a volcano.
  • Discover and master the IMAG, an atlantean ancient device that allows to rewrite the story and change Verne’s fate on certain moments.
  • A thrilling story that reflects the ability of the human being to imagine and tell stories.
  • Non-linear dialogues with a diverse cast of characters, played by voice actors.
  • Gameplay inspired by old school adventure games, based on exploration, platforms, puzzle-solving and interactive dialogues.
  • Easy-to-follow and attractive information about Jules Verne’s life and works.

Jules Verne and the nostalgia for the amazing.

As a kid, you probably had two things at home: pixeled graphic adventures and shelves filled with Jules Verne books. Well… this is your game!

Around the World in Eighty Days, Journey to the center of the earth, Twenty thousand Leagues under the Sea... you know about these amazing adventures and now you can experience them.


Underwater advernture of Jules Verne Pixel art puzle adventure game Nautilus jules verne pixel art video game The eco guard pixel art Captain Nemo concept art pixel art
Jules Verne pixel art game Nautilus pixel art Non-linear conversations in Jules Verne Game Jules Verne pixel art design
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About Gametopia

Gametopia is a video game development studio where we imagine and passionately create games with a pinch of something more, such as in The Journey of Elisa, which helps to understand people with Asperger Syndrome, and Allan Poe's Nightmare, a frantic arcade dedicated to the works of Edgar Allan Poe.


Daniel González
Narrative Designer/Pixel art

Diego Adrada
CTO/Senior developer

Esteban Salazar
Senior developer

Carmen Gómez
Senior developer

Aitor Garay
Writer/Pixel Art

Marta Adelantado
Pixel Art/Game Design

Marta Gil


Journalist, look here!
If you would like to know anything about the game, interview us, get your hands on some original screens, video or whatever... Then please don't hesitate to contact us at the email address below. press@gametopiastudios.com